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What the Trust does

The Avalanche Lady speaks

As The Avalanche Lady (Avalanche Awareness Education Officer) travels to schools and groups to speak about the presence of avalanches in NZ and show the Avalanche video New Zealand Mountain Safety Council made in 2002,

Read about the Avalanche Lady
(Womens Weekly NZ, 2003)


Providing Avalanche Packs for teachers

The James Gordon Avalanche Trust has sets of packs with a transceiver, shovel and probe in each for teachers to teach with. They are in a backpack so the students will know to pack other essential survival gear as well for hypothermia and first aid.

Hire Avalanche Kits

There are also Avalanche Safety Kits, which are available for the public to hire on a daily basis. These contain a transceiver, shovel and probe and are regarded as an insurance policy. You take them out hoping you will not need to use them. It is also an excellent opportunity for people to practice their transceiver skills.

Bookings can be made online.

Providing Information

This website has plenty of information about avalanches, about how to avoid them, on self-rescue and on how to be prepared for one