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About Robyn Gordon

Robyn is the driving force behind the trust. She explains: “I am primary school teacher trained and I have taught every safety project that has come into our schools. My children had knowledge in all fields I was aware of, but I knew nothing of this danger and was not even aware of its potential for killing on our mountains. We flew to Japan to search for the boys. We believed that they would survive, as snow was soft and friendly! What a lot we learnt in that week.

Being shown Transceivers and being told that my son had effectively committed suicide by going out without one was a hard pill to swallow.

On reflection, it was a true statement. I made a resolution at that moment that all young adventurers in the future should be aware of the signs and dangers of avalanches and that they would know that they needed to take the three pieces of equipment with them to be able to self-rescue if they needed to. Avalanches are a phenomenal force of nature that do not differentiate between age, sex, or ability. They travel at great speeds and treat you like a rag doll. If not found by friends within that first 5 - 10 minutes, chances of survival are slim as suffocation occurs when you cannot breathe. Snow is water and there is no air.

I am a mum on a mission. My mission is to invite our young adventurers to look after themselves and their mates and come home each night safely.”Roby