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Which Kit is appropriate for me?

Teacher's kitJGA Trust hires packs to schools and groups as a teaching tool. The transceivers may have sound and/or lights. Most are Ortovox F1,M1, M2 or X1 transceivers but there are a few Pieps.

The ASK packs are for individual users.
10 ASK packs are based around Mt. Ruapehu for easy access.
Edge to Edge and Adventure Headquarters have them for day by day rental.

The other 10 packs I have at home and they are for groups who wish to get organised before they head off.

Both the Avalanche Saftey Kits (ASK) for Individual hirers and the JGAT Teaching Packs contain a Transceiver, a Shovel, a Probe and a Checklist. The exact types and brands of equipment vary per pack. In general the ASK packs have new equipment.