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Read about what causes avalanches, tips on prevention and self rescue and much more...
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Risk Management ensures groups go well prepared on a snowtrip...
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Use internet resources available to learn more on avalanches...
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    .JGAT Pack orders have started coming for this year. Please order early as early posting ensures the best use of the packs makes the packs available to more schools. One pack per student allows each person to carry their own transceiver, shovel and probe.
  • 2012 had schools ordering their packs early and it was a great season. America has just had a poor year with late season snow in their winter/spring and we have a tendency to follow their lead so be prepared for this year. There have been many avalanches catching people where they have not experienced avalanches previously. The snow in spring is not attaching well to older layers and this is where avalanches let go. Check out the avalanche website before you go. www.avalanche.co.nz also a seven day forecast can be seen at www.metvuw.co.nz
  • Available Avalanche Courses in NZ see NZMSC website www.mountainsafety.org.nz/avalanche
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